30 Scripture Readings on Forgiveness

The cover of 30 Scripture Readings on Forgiveness

30 Scripture Readings on Forgiveness


As Christians, one of the most difficult opportunities we face is to forgive those who hurt us. If Jesus was able to forgive the soldiers who crucified Him, why do we find it so hard to forgive the people who hurt us? Pain, regret and bitterness should not be the center of a Christian’s life, rather we should be responsive and generous to those who hurt us and then seek forgiveness.

Forgiveness for us is not a choice, but a command. Through these30 daily scripture readings, you’ll find examples of forgiveness and read passages about God’s great forgiveness for us.

Invest a few minutes each day with this book. You’ll find that after a month, you begin to feel the freedom that forgiveness brings, and a deep, residing joy despite a painful past.

These 30 passages are reprinted in their entirety but without commentary in hopes that you will enjoy reflective, undistracted moments with God’s Word.

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