Every Prayer in the Bible

The cover of Every Prayer in the Bible.

Every Prayer in the Bible


Improve Your Spiritual Life by Praying God’s Word

— “The prayers God honors and answers are those that repeat his promises back to him.” — J.D. Greear, president, Southern Baptist Convention.

— “Praying the Scriptures is so important in the Christian life.” — John Piper.

What if the secret to becoming a prayer warrior were found not in a book about prayer, but instead within the prayers of the great men and women of Scripture?

Jesus prayed Scripture. So did the heroes of the Old Testament and the New Testament. We should, too. By praying Scripture, our prayers become more God-centered. As John Piper once said, if we don’t form a habit of praying Scripture, “our prayers will almost certainly degenerate into vain repetitions that eventually revolve entirely around our immediate private concerns, rather than God’s larger purposes.”

Every Prayer in the Bible is the only book that reprints every prayer from the Bible — from Genesis to Revelation. Each prayer is given a categorized heading, allowing for easy research on a Kindle or other electronic device. Even better: The prayers are printed without commentary, allowing the reader to reflect and pray without distraction.

Every Prayer in the Bible is for anyone who wants to pray like the men and women of the Bible prayed. It is for every person who wants to develop a more powerful prayer life.

Pick up your copy of Every Prayer in the Bible and become the prayer warrior God has called you to be.

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