Love God: Who's Getting Your Heart, Soul, mind, and Strength?

The cover of Love God: Who's Getting Your Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength?

Love God: Who's Getting Your Heart, Soul, mind, and Strength?


Freedom From Porn’s Deadly Web is Possible

“[Pornography] is capturing many men and women and making slaves out of them.” — John Piper.

What if half of the Christians you knew were hooked on a drug — but secretly hiding their addiction?

It may not be hypothetical. Surveys show that half of Christian men and one-fifth of Christian women regularly view the “drug” of pornography without telling anyone.

Are you addicted to pornography? Is your friend or family member caught in porn’s wicked web of lies? 

As author Aaron Reynolds writes in Love God, the porn addict suffers in shame and silence, not knowing who to talk to or where to turn. “Pornography sticks to a soul like a fly to a spider web,” he writes.

It’s an addiction that impacts men and women, young and old, laypeople and church leaders alike. Two-thirds of male teens/young adults and one-third of female teens/young adults seek out porn at least once a month. And more than half of pastors say they are currently, or have in the past, struggled with porn addiction.

Porn addiction destroys marriages, devastates families, and — most significantly — harms our relationship with God.

But there’s hope.

Love God details the problem of pornography usage while providing practical, biblical solutions for the Christian man or woman who wants freedom from porn’s deadly grip. In the back of the book there’s a study guide suitable for groups or individuals as well as an action plan for those who are looking for additional resources in their battle against pornography. Some of the most helpful tools Reynolds recommends include Covenant Eyes, Every Young Man’s Battle, Pure Eyes, Sexaholics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, X3watch, Net Nanny, and Pure Life Ministries.

Click to pick up your copy of Love God, and discover the freedom that only God can provide.

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