The Book of Psalms, Vol. 1: Bible Word Search (Seek and Find)

Cover for The Book of Psalms: Bible Word Search (Seek and Find).

The Book of Psalms, Vol. 1: Bible Word Search (Seek and Find)


Enjoy Bible Reading with Interactive Puzzles!

What if a fun puzzle made Bible reading more enjoyable and interactive? 

The Seek and Find puzzle series offers a great way to unwind and meditate on stories and teachings from Scripture while solving fun puzzles. This activity book contains the full text of the Bible book of Psalms (volume 1) on the left-hand pages and word search puzzles on the right-hand pages. Readers will enjoy reinforcing their knowledge of the Bible or encountering the Bible for the first time in a fun way. 

From beginning to end, each volume of this interactive series will engage readers of all ages—whether 8 or 88—with the transformational stories and teachings of the Bible. Since the puzzles are challenging but not overly difficult, these books provide enjoyment for both kids and adults alike. Each word search offers clues that require the reader to look in the text for the answer and then find the word in the puzzle. Readers will spend hours of fun contemplating biblical truths as they look for words in the grid that are placed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. 

Be sure to check out our entire series of puzzle books for other Bible books too—they’re great for at home, at church, and on the go. 

If you struggle with reading the Bible regularly or want to meditate more on God’s Word, if you want to increase the fun factor in your Bible study or help your kids hide God’s Word in their hearts, scroll up and explore the Bible in a unique, fun, and challenging way with the Seek and Find puzzle series.

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