Daily Bible Study and Sermon Journal

Daily Bible Study and Sermon Journal

Paperback 7.99

All Your Journaling and Sermon Notes Now in One Organized Journal


What if your sermon notes and prayer requests could be stored in a convenient journal that would help organize your spiritual life?  

The Daily Bible Study and Sermon Journal is the perfect companion for churchgoers who take notes during their pastor’s sermon and want to store them for later reference. Each page includes a section for taking notes, along with a place to record the date, passage, speaker, title and location of the sermon.

At 160 pages, the journal is large enough to hold nearly three years of notes, allowing you to easily reference a particular sermon for personal reflection. Once filled, it even can be used as a “family heirloom” gift to your children or grandchildren. Of course, it can be used for daily quiet time notes, too.

The Daily Bible Study and Sermon Journal will:

> Replace messy bulletin inserts.
> Help you organize notes from your personal quiet time or sermons.
> Fit inside most Bible covers.
> Include a section for prayer requests.
> Include 7 popular Bible-reading plans.

In addition to a section for prayer requests, the Daily Bible Study and Sermon Journal lists these popular Bible reading plans: 45 Days With Jesus, 30 Days of Getting to Know God, 30 Days of Praise, 30 Days of Inspiring Praise, 30 Days of God’s Power, 30 Days in Genesis, and 30 Days in Proverbs.

Stop stockpiling sermon notes from messy bulletins and bulletin inserts!

Click to order … and organize your spiritual life!

Paperback 160 pages
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 14, 2010)
Language English
ISBN-10 1456362623
ISBN-13 978-1456362621

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