Finding God in the Hunger Games

Finding God in the Hunger Games

Author Selena Sarns
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The Gospel Story You Missed In ‘The Hunger Games’

— “Well-written and thought provoking look at a popular series.” — Amazon reviewer.

— “Ties the story and Scripture together … wonderfully!!!” — GoodReads reviewer.

What if one of the most popular movies of all time was filled with gospel symbols, yet few people had noticed?

Such is the case with The Hunger Games series, which devotional author Selena Sarns says includes the “most evil concepts we can imagine” — children battling one another to the death — but also includes a sacrificial hero, Katniss Everdeen, who fights to end the games and bring peace to her community.

And although Christian terms and concepts are not mentioned specifically in The Hunger Games, the gripping story contains dozens of parallels to Scripture.

In this alternate reality, we can readily accept the need for a savior,” Sarns writes.

All four Hunger Games films rank among the 100 top-grossing films of all time. And two of them (The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) still rank in the top 30. These films were based on best-selling books by Suzanne Collins.

Finding God in the Hunger Games: 30 Devotions to Inspire Faith includes a devotional for each day of the month. Each one is accompanied by a verse and a closing thought.

It is for small groups, churches, families and movie buffs alike. It’s also for Christians who know little about the films or novels but want to learn new ways to share their faith.

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Paperback 100 pages
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